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I think that we often don't get what we want or need in life because we simply fail to ask for it! Possibly because we don't believe we deserve it, or because we feel too shy to ask, or maybe because we don't even think to ask!

So, today, I'm going to give it try.
I'm going to ask for what I want and then see if that works for me.
And what I really, really, REALLY want is for people to review my book, THE GREEN LADY.

So, how do you review my book?

Well, there are two main Internet sites on which I would love to have additional reviews posted:


It's really simple (and free-of-charge) to post reviews on these sites. All you need to do is register on the site (costs absolutely nothing) and then do a search for my book. Once you have found my book on the site, you simply rate it (1-5 stars) and then review it. The review could be only a couple of words. Or longer, should you feel so inclined. Even just a rating alone is helpful and appreciated.
Please, please, please consider posting a review of my book...
It would really mean the world to me!

But, why do authors want reviews?

Well, firstly, because we love to know what people think of our work. Constructive criticism or even negative reviews help us to improve our skills. And it's especially a great thrill when readers let us know that they are enjoying the fruits of our hard labours. I write mainly for my own pleasure and also because the stories grab hold of me and won't let go until I've birthed them into the world. But, for all that, it's still so awesome when someone reads my work and lets me know that they enjoyed it.
The second reason that reviews are important is that they sell books. Favourable reviews push a book up in the rankings of online retailers, which means more profiling and increased sales. Readers will also check the reviews from their fellow readers and will often make their purchasing decisions based upon these reviews.