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The Green Lady
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Deep within the magical forests of South Africa's Garden Route, hidden in a twilit world of ancient trees draped in old man’s beard, brightly-coloured fungi, lush green undergrowth and crystal-clear streams, lies a secret. This secret is the key to lasting personal transformation. This is the Green Lady.

This charming and deeply spiritual book charts the journey of Peter Allen, a city-based journalist, who spends a six-month sabbatical searching for stories of transformative encounters with the mysterious Green Lady of the forest. These heart-centred and soul-connected stories lead Peter, step-by-step, to his own personal transformation.

Meet the Knysna elephants of myth and legend, dive in the estuary to seek out the elusive seahorse, swim in fern-fringed, sun-dappled pools, meet mischievous nature spirits and elementals, changelings, sylphs and undines, all somehow connected to the Green Lady, guardian of the forest!

Read this book... and be transported by magic and wonder.


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