The Green Lady, Book II
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packshotIn this sequel to The Green Lady, a hugely popular collection of magical tales from the forest, author Lisa Picard takes readers on a breathtaking adventure across space and time.

Who is the mysterious Green Lady?

And how did she come to be guardian of the forest?

In Book II of the Green Lady the answers to these, and so many other questions, will finally be revealed.

Join intrepid journalist, Peter Allen, on the scoop of a lifetime as, week-by-week, the story of the Green Lady unfolds. Enjoy thrilling tales of seekers and soldiers, of priests and shamans, of aliens and of ordinary human beings, searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.

Allow your heart to be touched and opened by the deepest truths contained within these stories. Find your own perfect purpose in every moment. Allow the Green Lady to lead you to an ever-deepening understanding, love and appreciation of yourself as she shares the story of her own soul journey.

A story as old as time itself...