by Lisa Picard (18 January 2012)

Welcome, young one.  It is with great interest that we have been following your progress.  We are well pleased with the development of your theoretical understanding of the principles of reality creation.  You have applied yourself with diligence and commitment to your studies and have learnt to trust your own innate knowing and intuition.  It is for these very reasons that we have summoned you here today.”  

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, Master.  I have such a sense of excitement and anticipation about this next phase of my journey!

As well you should, young creator, as well you should!  We are now ready to demonstrate to you some practical applications of the knowledge you have acquired.  You are going to directly observe the results of choices, decisions and intentionality in a real-life situation.  In order to accomplish this, follow me as we move our consciousness to a truly unique vibrational level.  This is a place of great density; a place of duality; a place of forgetting.” 

Master, how very strange - it appears as if the beings here really do not know that they are One with all that is!  Oh, look, there is a veil which separates them from this knowledge!  They appear to believe themselves to be separate, alone, lost…  This is a very sad and difficult place to be!  I’m finding it really challenging to observe this place, Master!  How can I look upon such pain and suffering and not be moved?  Why would any being choose to go to this place, Master?”

Remember our lessons about not non-judgment?  This is indeed the perfect place for these beings to be, and all of the pain and terror, fear and separation are indeed tools of immense learning.  This is a place in which great lessons may very rapidly be learntBut you are right - it is not an easy place to be and we honour and respect those who are willing to venture so deeply into forgetfulness and density in order to occupy this reality.

Master, my heart aches for these beings.  I don’t know how I can bear to observe any longer without trying to lighten their load or ease their suffering!

Courage, young one.  What is required of you is to simply, with great compassion and love, bear witness so that understanding and empathy may gradually dawn.  That is the greatest gift you can offer in this moment.  We need to develop the courage to sit in the fire of another being’s pain and suffering without rushing to change it, remove it or alleviate it.  This is the only way to be respectful of another’s life lessons and choices.  Believe me – there are absolutely no mistakes. 

You will notice that, in this place of duality, there are two main archetypes of being; the masculine and the feminine.  All who come here agree to enact one or the other archetype, depending upon their soul’s purpose.  At this particular moment in this reality, the masculine principle is dominant over the feminine principle, which allows beings to play out aspects of victim, perpetrator or rescuer; all very important lessons in the evolution of the creator being. 

Now, we are going to move in closer to observe a particular individual.  This being is called Kayla and she has, as of this moment, spent ten years as a young female in this place.  Do you see her over there?  She is communing with the natural world all around her.  Although Kayla is not yet able to verbalise this, being in Nature allows her to feel, within her deepest being, connected to Life and to all that is.  This connection provides her with great energy rejuvenation and healing.”

“Yes, I see her, Master!  The young ones in this reality appear to be less lost and disconnected from Source than the older beings.  They appear to have at least some remnant of their connection with the One.  But… as I look at Kayla, I see some sadness and fear beginning to germinate and grow within her being.  She is noticing that this place does not reward her for simply being herself.  She is being taught that the rewards of this place are given to those who develop their ego attachments, rather than follow the innate knowing of their hearts.  She is starting to feel vulnerable and weak and scared and I see her blindly reaching around outside of herself for ways in which to regain her sense of connection.  How very topsy-turvey things are in this place!  Kayla, don’t pay any attention to these messages!  YOU know what’s best for you!”

“Steady, young one.  Remember the principles of free will?  Kayla’s Higher Self has chosen to come to this place for a very specific reason and a great deal of thought and planning has gone into this decision.  The being expressed as Kayla must experience all that this place has to offer in order to learn the lessons that her soul desires to learn.  Now, see that Kayla has noticed that what are valued in this place are the tools of separation: money, possessions, titles, ego gratification and power.  She believes that this place shows her that simply being her own authentic self is not enough and that she must strive to be the very best at acquiring these tools of separation.  She doesn’t want to feel lost and lonely and vulnerable or weak and needy.  She wants to feel strong and powerful and to be noticed and loved and valued.”

“But Master, surely she will very quickly notice that the tools of separation will not bring her what she desires?”

“Well, let’s move forward in this lifetime a bit and see what happens... 

Right, here we see Kayla as a young adult.  What do you observe young one?”

“Well, Kayla has certainly come a long way since we last observed her!  She has chosen to study in a field that is highly valued by the power structures of this place and she has acquired a great deal of knowledge and many formal qualifications in this field.  But her light appears to be so much weaker than when we last saw her.  Is she ill, Master?”

“Her physical being is not ill, young one, although it may yet become so if she continues on this path.  No, rather it is her connection to her own Self that has weakened.  She is squandering her energy in trying to gain approval from those she perceives to have power over her.  She is losing her connection to her own truth and frantically trying to do what she thinks others require of her, in a desperate bid to gain the attention and love she thinks she needs.  Of course, what she doesn’t realize is that everything she needs is really within herself and that she will never regain her connection to Life by looking for affirmation from outside of herself.”

“Look, Master.  She is choosing a profession.  Oh no, it’s all wrong for her!  This profession is all about aggressive acquisition of power and money in a non-stop greedy desire for ever more-and-more, without considering the effects on the planet and on the other beings living there.  This profession will never nurture her or provide her with her true heart’s desire of deep connection and joyful, meaningful service!”

“It’s the predominant value system in this reality that is driving her choices right now.  She desperately wants to feel seen and valued and loved.  She just doesn’t know that she’s going about it all the wrong way.  Now, we move on a few years…”

“Oh, Master, this is terrible!  Kayla is completely lost, disconnected, lonely and sad and her light is just about extinguished.  Look, she is surrounded by so many possessions, yet she feels completely empty.  She receives prizes and accolades and promotions and money, yet nothing fills the gaping hole within.  She is constantly afraid that she will be discovered to be a fraud; that she will make a mistake or that someone will notice that she is not as brilliant as she appears to be.  She is drained, exhausted and fearful.  Her relationships with others are not based upon mutual respect and loving connection, but rather upon what each being can bring to the other in terms of ego gratification.  When will she stop all this madness and see that she is destroying herself?”

“When the moment is right, all will be revealed.  Notice, young one, that she doesn’t trust anyone?  That she cannot connect with anyone, least of all with herself?  How can she trust anyone when she can’t even trust herself?  On some deep level she knows that she has betrayed the very essence of her being.”

“Master, how can she possibly find her way out of this situation?  Please tell me that she can!”

“Let’s move on a few years and see what we find.  Tell me what you see now, young one.” 

“Kayla really has achieved a lot in her profession and she has found a way to harden herself so that she is not so deeply affected by the mixed-up value systems around her.  She is, in effect, living behind a protective wall around her heart, which allows her to operate effectively in this place without losing too much of her own energy.  She is also starting to care far less about what other beings think of her.  Rather ironically, despite this, she is respected, admired and somewhat feared.  She has become extremely adept at achieving results using the power of her mind and her ego.  She has mastered the masculine principle, but in so doing, has lost her connection to the feminine principle, which leaves her feeling unfulfilled and incomplete. 

But, Kayla is gradually starting to become more observant.  As she looks around her from behind her protective wall, she notices that the beings who are supposedly her superiors, the beings who should be her role models and to whose positions she should aspire, are not admirable at all. She realizes that they are just as fear driven as she is!  She looks at the top positions and realizes that she doesn’t actually want to occupy those positions.  In addition, she doesn’t want to do what is required to obtain those positions!  What has happened, Master?”

“Kayla’s heart has started speaking to her.  Or rather, Kayla has started to listen to her heart’s gentle messaging rather than the strident yelling of her ego and her mind.  And, as she listens to her heart, the ego and the mind gradually become quieter and quieter and her heartsong starts to become clearer and clearer.”

“Look, Master!  Kayla has had a moment of complete connection with her Higher Self.  The veil lifted for a brief moment to allow her to experience her true nature and her true connection to all that is!”

“Yes, young one, Kayla was never truly alone.  She always had guidance from her Higher Self and from spiritual beings that were with her every step of the way, whether she was able to sense their presence or not.  When Kayla was ready, she was given a moment of grace, a moment in which to briefly experience her true nature.  But that brief moment was enough.  No amount of money, possessions, accolades, prizes, promotions or recognition had ever come close to making her feel the way she did in that brief moment.  She felt completely and unconditionally loved, accepted and connected and she can never forget it, nor ever be the same again.

 This is the turning point, my young friend!  Now, let’s move forward to our final observation point.”

“Oh…  Master, I am overwhelmed with joy!  Look, Kayla has changed the whole direction of her life!  She has followed her heart to a perfect, unspoilt place in Nature with a very high level of energy.  She has remembered how she used to connect with Nature and revitalize herself as a child!  But look, she has so few possessions now and there are no other beings making a big fuss about her either.”

“Yes, young one, this move from her ego into her heart has required a great deal of courage from Kayla.  She has had to relinquish her addiction to ego gratifications and she has given up just about all the things that she used to believe were absolutely essential to her survival.  Sadly, she has had to lose a number of friends and acquaintances who were not able to see the value in what she was doing or who felt some inherent criticism of their own choices as a result of her new lifestyle. 

But tell me, do you see anything else?  Look closely now.”

“Yes, Master!  Kayla’s heart is open; she is connected to her own truth.  She no longer looks outside of herself for love and affirmation and guidance.  She has realized that all she needs is within.  And… how amazing!  As she has realized this, she has gradually attracted to herself other beings and situations that reflect her new beliefs about herself.  Beings who value, love and support her for who she really is. 

Master, I can see now that this place is truly a mirror for those who dwell there – a mirror that reflects their beliefs about themselves and their deepest intentionality.  How incredible!  This is a place to learn about reality creation in a practical and experiential way.”

“Well done, young friend!  Beings finally realize that their thoughts and their intent create the reality that they experience.  Trying to change this reality is as futile as trying to change the mirror if we don’t like the reflection!  Do you see now that there is absolutely nothing wrong or broken about this place, as terrible as it might at first appear?  It is simply a perfect co-created reflection of the combined intent and beliefs of the beings present at any given moment.  And any being can radically change the reality they experience by simply changing their beliefs and their intent.  Kayla has made the choice to relinquish the tools of separation and embrace the tools of creation instead!”

“What happens to Kayla next, Master?”

“Whatever her heart tells her!  She has had to become comfortable with being in a state of creative chaos while she becomes ready for her next heart’s adventure.  She has learnt to trust that she will always know what to do and where to go next if she simply keeps her heart open and resides in a place of love, gratitude and acceptance.  Great beauty and magnificent adventures await, just around the corner!”

“Master, let’s go and see what is next!”

“No, young one, we have to leave some of the mysteries for another time!  We need to leave this place now and discuss your own next step…”